A'dalmix Platinum Happy End

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Born 12.05.2007

Weight(24 months)-2.750 kgs,teeth 6x6


CH RFSS federation, CH  RFLS  federation,RUSSIAN  CH, Belarusian   CH


Baby Happy and Champion sert


Children of Happy






12.06.2008 St-Petersburg ,National dog show,exp Abrakimov Shamil(RUS)
                 Ex 1(junior  cl-5),JUN CAC ,BOB JUNIOR
                 Smooth coat chihuahua 20 ( 6 male+14 female )


29.06.2008 St-Petersburg,International dog show CACIB,exp Miroslav Redlizki(Poland)
                 ex.2(JUN Class
                 Smooth  coat chihuahua 30 (14 male+16 female),JUN  class 3(3 males+4 females)
6.12.2008 St-Petersburg,national dog show CAC,exp Sokolova(Moscow)
                   ex.1,best female,CAC,CH RFSS
                   Smooth  coat chihuahua 24 (8 male+16 female)
13.12.2008 St-petersburg,National dog show,exp Kizina L.(RUS),1ex,CAC,CHRFSS federation,best female
                 Smooth coat chihuahua 14(5 male+ 9 female)
1.02.2009 St-Petersburg,National dog show,exp R.Kadike-Skadina(LTU),ex,CAC,best female
               Smooth coat chihua 10(4 male+ 6 female)
8.02.2009 St-Petersburg,National dogshow, exp.Rodina(RUS)EX1,CAC,female-2

30.08.2009 Minsk(Belarusia)Internatiomal dog show,exp.Georgi Schegol(Georgia)-Ex1(open cl)CAC,3-female

Smooth coat chihuahua 16(9 males+7 females)